for aspiring landscape architects, designers and curious minds

Design Masterclasses

for aspiring landscape architects, designers and curious minds


What are they about?

Discover the fundamentals of landscape architecture by focusing on a design project. You will be given a problem to solve, using nature as your key design tool. You will work in teams, follow a design brief, brainstorm and organise your final presentation. You will receive one-to-one tuition and feedback from a designer/professional in the field.

How long do they last?

A course of either one to two full days or sessions held over the course of four weeks.

Who are they for?

The course is ideal for aspiring designers and anyone interested in gaining an insight into the work of landscape architecture professionals.

Why join?

These masterclasses will enable you to find out more about how the profession of landscape architecture works, improve your strategic thinking, become familiar with the principles of landscape design and fire up your problem-solving skills while you are working on a design brief as a part of a team. At the end of the course you’ll have gained experience of working on the first stages of a design project, from the initial concept to the final presentation to a client.