for schools, museums, families, communities – in fact, everyone

Hands-On Workshops

for schools, museums, families, communities – in fact, everyone


What are they about?

Come and try your hand at a range of craft skills, from sketching to planting and building a one-to-one structure. The workshops focus on landscape and nature – with a twist, inspired by an artwork, a piece of writing, a philosophical quote , a science experiment or a design project. Get your hands dirty and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat.

How long do they last?

Two to three hours, with a twenty-minute break.

Who are they for?

It’s ideal for families, community and, school groups, museum visitors – and, in fact, anyone, of any age from 10 to 110 – for makers, thinkers and nature geeks. We welcome people with all levels of skill.

Why join?

Workshops are a quick and fun way to jump-start your creative thinking and fire up your craft skills while you learn to observe and read our built and natural environment. It’s also a great opportunity to socialise and learn something new!