Hands-On Workshop

Blossoms: Death

Whilst we all admire plants when in bloom, garden designers and architects also embrace the decay of flowers: stems, seed pods and stalks add structure to the overall garden composition, regardless of their stage of life.

In this Hands-On Workshop we focused on colour, texture, form and structure. We observed a dried out flower bouquet. We drew our attention to the parts of flowers that make them look beautiful, even when dried out.

A variety of media was used and we discussed how to develop our own individual style further.


In our second workshop we used the flowers from our first session, now dried,  as our theme. We focused on composition, scale and colour. We looked at details and got inspired by what makes dried material beautiful. We studied video art by Sam Taylor-Wood and paintings by Jen Mazza.


We covered several topics in the session, including:

  • Theme composition
  • Scale, colour  and texture
  • Introduction to still life in video art
  • Ways and ideas to develop your individual style further
Our dried bouquet: roses, thistles, pussy-willows and hydrangeas
‘Dead thistle”, pencil on cardboard

“Rose”, acrylics on cardboard